Saturday, May 7, 2011

Test Drive @ Diamond Head Cliffs

This is a new model: 5' 8 x 19" x 2 1/4 winged roundtail " Slingshot." It has a low rocker throughout the entry to the tail. The outline has a full nose and tail. The bottom is a medium single - double concave which seems to work well for small waves giving it some lift and lets the water flow though the tail end of the board. Roundpins are usually sticky and have more drawn out turns so I added a wing which loosens up the board and makes it release quicker off the top.
My preference in fins is to make them tri-quads so you can have the option to ride it as a quad or thruster. Today I rode it as a quad and it was fast and loose.

I gathered up John, Darin, and even Yuka for a cold mid morning surf mission to Diamond Head.

It was cold windy and the current was taking me out to sea. It was worth it because I saw everyone get some good rides.

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