Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturday Surf

Mia and I headed to Daimond Head to do some surfing. This was officially Mia's first time surfing. I would hang on the back of the board to keep it stable, and my body dragging in the water to slow it down to where Mia would feel comfortable to stand up. We found out that she is a regular foot (left foot forward). She is already talking about when we can go surfing again.


  1. That's got another surfer in the family:)

  2. Hi! Mia !
    How many cought the wave ?
    This Year is very cold in Japan...
    but This season is good waves .
    And I have Perfect surf boads.HA.HA.HA.
    I enjoy surfing in SHONAN.
    See You
    Uncle kazu

  3. Aloha uncle Kazu! I could catch 10 waves, but my dad is holding the board

  4. wow! you are lucky that she like surfing.