Tuesday, September 28, 2010

See you in Japan Kazu and Kaoru

Kazu giving Mia some ukulele lessons

It was Kazu and Kaoru's last night and Kazu wanted to go to Kona Brewing Co. The restaurant was full and we had to wait a little bit. It was the first time I ate dinner here and the food was pretty good. Everything we ordered was delicious. We had a Thai pizza, Ceaser salad with fish, shrimp melt sandwich with a kimchee coleslaw, and a couple of fish tacos. The place is known for its beer and although its a little out of my element of Bud Light, Kona Brew beer is good too! There was a coffee beer which I wouldn't mind having for breakfast. And I also had a beer that had a lilikoi fruity taste in it.

See you next year in Japan Kazu and Kaoru!!! Mata ne! Thankyou for playing with Seth and Mia. They already miss you!

H3 Nexus by Fin Control Systems

H-3 Nexus

Here is a new fin from Surf Hardware International. Its called the H-3 Nexus and it was fun to try. This fin is an update to the H2 fins from a few years back. I liked the H2 fins, but I guess they were a little before its timewith the silver shark fin look. The H2 had a very quick loose feel because there was no rake to the fin. Now you have the H-3 with tri-coil technology (?). It had alot of drive and hold and accelaration through the turns. The fins are pricey so try em before you go out and buy em'.

Baby Makapuu

Next to the infamous Makapuu beach park is the equally famous baby Makapuu. Usually its pretty flat over here and not much waves. But when the swell comes in, the wave has a soft wall that everyone can enjoy. the locals have a blast with their own version of Waikiki without the tourist. And you will see the kids ripping it up. I had fun longboarding it this past weekend.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Suzuki's

Here is Kazu and Kaoru Suzuki. We have a lifelonfg friendship that started 17 years ago when I met them while they were on vacation in Hawaii. Kazu works for Ninben a company that distributes all kinds of food stuffs- especially furikake, the seasonings that you put on rice. If you live Hawaii, you probably have some furikake in your house. Kaoru is a professional bodyboarder for Local Motion Japan and most recently works with special needs kids with "Ocean's Love" in Japan.

Here is Wailupe's over the weekend. It was kind of windy and the swell was coming down. I don't have a water camera now so I could only get this shot from the beach park. You can see a nice left.

Omiyagi Heaven

Chili tomato cheese cup o' noodle, Japanese surfing magazine, Gundam- only in Japan can you get these!
I got these tees from Kazu and Kaoru. Limited edition " Bruce Lee,"
Ocean's Love Staff tanktop, all kines of goodies from Japan! I love Japanese products! Thanks kazu and Kaoru!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Skull Candy

Skull Candy came by the office to take care of some business. Sick Van!

Waves (?)

Here is yesterday's action at Sandy Beach. Doubling up.

Pipe Littles looks fun!

I got an hour session over here. It was pretty blown out. I was almost late picking up the kids because I couldn't get a wave in. Better than nothing.
"A bad day surfing is better than a good day at work." hah! Hah!

Kazu's Board

My friend Kazu came to Hawaii for vacation. Here is his 6' 0 quad fish. Thanks for the support Kazu. Every year when he comes to Hawaii he orders a board. Mahalo!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Where's the waves?

The waves aren't here. This was on Friday before the swell . I have to do a wave check today! See you in the lineup! Pretty cool how I got the bird in the picture.

"Rainbow Gakuen"

Hawaii Kai Farmers Market held in the parking lot every Saturday

Kaiser High School Cougars! Class of 1987. Showing my age. That was a long time ago.

Tug of War!!

Mia didn't participate, but showed support for her brother Seth.

Japanese school in Hawaii had and event at the Kaiser High School football field. The schools in Japan have these track and field events for the students.

On A Mission

Check out the latest gear from On A Mission. I'm excited to try out this eco-friendly tail pad made out of real cork. And how's this board sock? Hip animal print- Clubbin' Cheetah! Thanks Joey V. for the cool and new!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Swell coming soon

The waves are getting better. Hopefully we will get waves this weekend. I heard that there are more waves next week too! So get all your work done early and hit the water!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Seth plays tennis

Sea Life Park

We all went to Sea Life Park on Monday Labor Day. Thats where Mia wanted to go for her birthday. The kids had a great time. It was a hot sunny day so after that, we jumped in the water at baby Makapuu. It was really crowded because everyone was camping throughout the 3 day weekend. The water felt soooo good.

There are no waves, but forecast says south swell coming Friday and into the weekend. I'll keep you posted.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Barbecue

Its also Mia's birthday on Tuesday so she got all dressed up and wanted her picture taken. She changes outfits 3 times a day.

My friend Nolan brought his dog Kingston over.

Its a 3 day weekend. Monday is Labor Day in Hawaii. We had a barbecue at my house.

Diamond Head

It has been very small the last week. At least the longboarders are having fun.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This board short cost $100. It is worth more than my surfboard! Hah hah! Keoni Watson of Billabong hooked me up with this premium super stretch surf trunks. It sells for $99.50 in the surfshops, and is totally worth it.

Waves of the day

Looks like this guy missed the wave of the day. Pretty hollow yeah.

It started out being pretty small, but this time I brought out the fish board and actually had a good time out there

Mia swim Part II

Shaping alot of fishes

I have been making alot of fish boards lately. Everyone knows that these boards are just too fun and easy to surf that its becoming a regular part of the quiver. Keep the orders coming I really appreciate all of you who reids Keith Umeda surfboards! Mahalo and have a good time in the water!

No swell today

Not much hapeening in waves today. there was one wave that felt good, but the session would have been better with a fish. I used a regular shortboard that was just too long.

Mia's swim class

Once a week Mia goes to a 15 minute swim class at the Oahu club. She is starting to get the hang of it. This private lesson is really short so we come early so she can have some free swim time before her class.