Monday, June 28, 2010

Evening session

Got in another session Sunday evening. Still fun and a good 2' lefts coming through. The bigger sets are coming from the south so when they come in it closes out the lefts. So the smaller lefts are better.

The Hanamoto family

I never took a picture of Brian's baby girl Macy. So here she is along with proud parents Brian and Miki Hanamoto. I am so bad with dates (everybody knows that) so I can't remember how old she is- about 7 months?

After Surf Grinds

On Thursday my boy John said to have the grill ready for Friday nights dinner. He went out diving on Friday morning and caught some fish. He didn't disappoint. Beer, poke, and fresh fish- life is good.

Empty Afternoons

We have a small bump up in waves. Its high tide in the afternoons so the waves have better shape. There are waves all over the south shore so the line up is pretty empty. Get in the water and go surf.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Custom 9' 4 Grace Longboard

Sophia's own airbrush design. It came out just like she drew it. I hope you like it Sophia! Thanks for all the support everybody for allowing me to make your surfboard.

Beautiful Hawaii

South Shore has waves! This is in front of the Sheraton. Hope I can go surf tomorrow. Have to catch up with work though and the jet lag isn't helping. Its 1 am and I'm blogging away.

Grace Surfboards in Kamogawa Chiba. Here's the gang going about their business. Wani's sanding and Sekiya is shaping a custom surfboard. Makoto does some sick airbrush work and Hiro is learning the ins and outs of glassing. Sorry that I am missing some of the other important players at Grace Surfboards. Not pictured is Taro the owner and Ofuchi shaper. They were busy in their shaping rooms. Also Suhara the main glasser. He probably knows more aboutHawaii than me. You guys are on Yuka's camera, but she's still in Japan.

Here are my good friends Kazu and Kaoru Suzuki. I met them over 15 years ago when they came to Hawaii. They would always come and visit me at Local Motion. They take the hour long train ride just to meet me as I arrive. Some other times, Kazu will pick me up and drive me to Yuka's house. And now they come and stay with my family every year they come to Hawaii. Seth and Mia just love Uncle Kazu and Aunty Kaoru.
And this is Yuka's grandmother, Seth and Mia's great grandmother. She enjoys seeing the kids! She always give them the omiyagi- little presents.

In front of Yuka's house. Do you think that 2 cars would fit on this street? I never saw a car go down this road.

Tsukiji Fish Market. This is the area where all the fish auctions go on. Big knife Seth! All kinds of good seafood!

Check out this arcade where the guys were competing in a Street Fighter competion. They were so into it.

JAPAN 2010

Just came back from a nice long vacation in Japan. We stayed at Yuka's parents house in Tokyo. We met up with my sister's family and they had the plan to see as much sights as possible. I never walked so much in my life. It was also my mom's first time to Japan as well, so they packed in as much as they could. I have been to Japan almost 10 times now, and most of these places I visited for the first time. Sorry, but I can't even remember most of the names of these places. I think one of these places is in Harajuku.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

some more pics from the Memorial Day Weekend

The winners!

Here are some of the finalists at the 24 th annual Surf Into Summer contest. everybody scored bagfuls of prizes donated by almost every surf brand out there. Hoptong made the finals, but was unlucky in getting a set wave. It went flat during his heat. Seth Moniz won the boys division.

Everybody was ripping.