Sunday, May 9, 2010

Elevon by Future Fins

How's these fins? Pretty radical design. Got to have a session with this quad setup and it went pretty good. I am used to loose quads so was excited to give these a go. Those little wings felt like it made the board more stable and hold a line better. And it sure is fast! Performance doesn't come cheap- I think these are close to $100. Or maybe it is cheap considering you gonna "kill it in the lineup" Hah! Hah! Its all personal preference when it comes to boards, fins, and waves. If you are going straight and can't turn, but are having the time of our life out in the ocean, you are "killing it" more than half the surfers out there.


  1. Get rid of quads. I refuse to ride quads because every session that I have on them, I have a difficult time. Now that there are these wings, it will make me have an even harder time. Nah, I know that it is personal preference and I know Keith kills it on the quads. Mr. Brooks

  2. Mr. Brooks needs to get off his twinny and onto some 4-play.