Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just had to share this!

My dad is the best. Every Sunday he comes to visit his gradkids- Seth and Mia. AS he was leaving I noticed something shiny on his slipper. All his straps were screwed in! First thing he said "Its only 1/2" screws." I don't think that you will ever see this in your lifetime. Making the $3 slippah last longer. I gave him some of my slightly used rubber slippers. I figure its better than what he has.

Local Motion Surf into Summer

Its Memorial Day Weekend and that means the 3 day long Surf Into Summer is on! The waves started out small the first day. Sunday and Monday has a south swell. Will post some pics for the finals!Here is Angela Maki, she made it through her first round. And China Uemura gonna take out his friend! Every year China sets up his tent and feeds all the staff and competitors! Thats the aloha spirit! I will give an update of the Grace team riders tommorow for the final day. Hoptong will be surfing the semifinals first thing in the morning. Ron Wong won his first heat , but got unlucky in his 2nd round. He will still be surfing the Industry heat where the shop employees surf against sales reps and others in the surf industry!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Grace Hawaii Team

The boyz got some boards. Now they gotta get some photos in action!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shaping Machine

A whole new ball game for me. I have been shaping by hand all this time. And now with computer cutting machine, I will be able to refine my shapes. Its gonna take some time to learn though- Not too good with computers.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Rest In Peace Marvin Foster

"Carvin Marvin" Foster passed away. He was 48 years young. I used to watch all the surf videos and throughout the 80's if there was Pipeline in the video, there was Marvin Foster in the tube. He was one of the first ( maybe the first) to go left at Waimea Bay. I used to love watching his backside surfing. Life is too short so enjoy everyday with your family and friends. Lend a helping hand to those in need and watch over each other.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Coming soon...

All your boards are gonna be done soon.

Good Eats Part 2

We got to eat John's catch. I believe he said that these fish are Papio and Uhu. I told all our friends from Japan that they will eat this when they come to Hawaii, but I guess we can only eat this when John catches one. So be nice to John and he will make your stomachs "onaka ga ippai." (make your stomachs full).

Jeannie Chesser Airbrush

When you want an airbrush design, I send all your boards to Jeannie Chesser. She can make your ideas of what you want on your surfboard a reality. Not to mention she will school you at Ala Moana bowls. Thanks for making all our surfboards unique and original, not just clear/sand finish. Check out www. and see more of Jeannie's art.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Jeff came for a visit

Long time friend Jeff Oshiro moved to Wisconsin, but came back to the islands for a visit. Jeff was my buddy back in high school days and I pretty much followed his lead. He got me into break dancing (long,long time ago), bodyboarding, working at Local Motion, then surfing. He was the one who thought of LMID way back when there weren't many of the street urban influenced stores. He hasn't changed a bit!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Custom shaped

5' 10 wing swallow. No one ordering regular shortboards lately. Kelly Slater and Dane Reynolds changed the whole surfboard market.
Check out this DVD and you'll see what I mean.

Custom Fitted

Notice the difference between the 2 planers? One has a nice black knob while the other has a scrap wood block. I dropped this planer and the black plastic knob cracked. So I went and bought another knob. As you can see its not on there because I dropped the planer again and broke it again. I make custom shaped surfboards so I figure I can make a custom fitted wood knob. I work well with foam, but the carpentry skills are not as fine tuned. Actually, it works well.

5' 7 Grace "Pit Bull"

Short, stubby, mean, & thick, this version of the "in trend" of going shorter features the usual fish type nose, but has a straighter outline going through to a wide "fanged" tail. This template goes fast, while the winged tail breaks the line and pivots quicker. Thickness out to the rail and a tucked in edge allows the PitBull to flow over the flats. Modern single to double concave to vee off the tail makes for fast quick rail to rail surfing. The PitBull attacks- ride aggressively. This ain't no lil' chihuahua.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Moms don't have it easy. No matter how good you are/were as a kid your mother had to put up with alot of BS from you- guarantee! My mom still does so much for Yuka and me- babysitting is at the top of the list. Thanks for all that you do Mom! Here is one happy mother with the joys of her life.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Elevon by Future Fins

How's these fins? Pretty radical design. Got to have a session with this quad setup and it went pretty good. I am used to loose quads so was excited to give these a go. Those little wings felt like it made the board more stable and hold a line better. And it sure is fast! Performance doesn't come cheap- I think these are close to $100. Or maybe it is cheap considering you gonna "kill it in the lineup" Hah! Hah! Its all personal preference when it comes to boards, fins, and waves. If you are going straight and can't turn, but are having the time of our life out in the ocean, you are "killing it" more than half the surfers out there.

Mr. Baba's new board

Finally got Baba his new board. The picture doesn't show the curve channels on the bottom. 8' Hybrid Quad. Can't wait for the next swell so he can try it out. Catch some good ones for me!

Same Ol'

More of the usual empty, windy, bumpy waves. One guy out. The wave was kind of soft today with a flat spot in the middle. You had to hop alot to make it to the inside. Overall a warm sunny day in Hawaii. This is what I have to "mind surf" to get all amped and jump in the water.

Good Eats

John came over to show me his catch. I forgot what the fish was called, but he said that this was his goal for the numerous times he went diving. He gave me the tako for use as bait for Seth's fishing.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Test Drive

Just got to try these new K 3 FCS fins from Kaipo. Honey comb kine with carbon whatchamacallits. Go check the website if you want to get all technical. They worked good, but then again the board already worked good with regular M 5 fins. Gotta try em some more.
John on his 5' 8 "Johnny Monstah" inspired by the DHD "Bobby Monster" short full template round tail

Brian Quwagata!

Just a quick cutty with the Taro TAniuchi shaped Quwagata model
Joe got a nice one. I think thats John going left.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


This collection shows how long I've been surfing. Every time I clean house, I put these on the side thinking I will watch them again. I never do, so now its going to be donated to the Hawaii Kai Library. If you want to watch any of these you can borrow it at the library for $1. The other picture is the keepers. I don't think that I saw any of the keepers transferred to DVD. Do you know which ones I'm keeping?

Happily married

Here's newlyweds Joe and Maile Brooks! Congratulations! And here's what a happily married couple going on 10 years looks like. Okay, thats corny. We don't get dressed up very often so we had to take a photo.