Sunday, April 18, 2010

more of Joe's last session


goodbye single life

Here are some pics a few hours before my friend Joe was getting married. he wanted a last surf session as a free man. If you know Joe, then you know how many times he has hit the reef. His fiance' Maile just wanted us to make sure that nothing happened to his face and that he could stand at the alter. He made it just fine! Congratulations Joe and Maile!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Finally got to surf

Its been awhile since I last surfed. Almost 2 weeks went by without jumping in the water. This past weekend was pretty windy and only 1-2 feet, but gotta jump at the chance when you have free time! The water felt good! When you don't surf as often- you really appreciate the waves. For me, these waves were all time!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oomedeto Yujiro!

"Congratulations Yujiro!" Yujiro had a baby girl! A few hours after Yujiro came over to order a board, he became a daddy. Hopefully he will have time to go surfing in between changing diapers and feedings.

Johnny Monstah!

John Shinn's 5'8 small wave "wizard-diver-bobby monster sort of board. Feedback was pretty good- loose and fast. Only problem is that this board has a glass chin- it couldn't take a punch from the reef. Its got some mean gashes in it already.

6' 3 medium

6'3 5 fin with rail gutters mid size board for Hoptong Smith. Hope he likes it!

Its back!

I wasn't old enough to drink Primo the first time around. Its back and now in one pint aluminum cans.