Friday, December 18, 2009

Pipeline without the barrel

Volcom House

Went to the Volcom house a few days after the Billabong Pipeline Masters event. Dean Morrison was hanging out. As you can see, the waves are all mushed out with the Kona winds, It was about 4 feet and for the pros, it was time to take out their quads and fishes. I would be out there with a 6'3 - 6'5 at least!

Hoptong Visit

Hoptong made the trip from Makaha all the way to my house to pick up some Grace Surfboard guns. He picked out a 7' 5 and 8' 1 Taro Taniuchi shaped Pipe guns. When the waves come up, he'll be ready.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

got Rocks?

low tide usually makes for more hollower walls. The winds have started dying down and the wrap from the east makes for some punchy lefts. tested the 5'6 out here after work. The sharp wings and rail made the board stick onto the 1-2 wave face. After getting used to it as a quad, board turned on a dime! Keeper for sure.

5'3 x 19 7/8 x 2 9/16

I've been making a handful of these little double wing roundtails. Gonna hve to give it a name soon. If you got any suggestions let me know. Ron Wong picked up this one. Performance as well as a groveller board.